Ilaria Mariani


is PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano. She designs, investigates and lectures in games for social change as systems for communication and social innovation. Her research – theoretical and practical – mainly addresses (1) the meaningful negative experiences certain games create to activate reflection and change, and (2) games as empowering interactive narratives, between ethics and aesthetics. Covering the fields of studies of Communication Design and Game Studies (+ Game Design), and to a diverse extent Sociology and Anthropology, she researches on games and play(er) experiences both as forms of enquiry as exploration, and as a process of self- and meta-interrogation. To comprehend, assess and master the impact on players and the effectiveness of the transfer of meanings, she develops and employs interdisciplinary practices and tools (quantitative + qualitative). She is part of ImagisLab group (, focusing on design and research about games as communication systems and interactive narratives with communitarian interests.


Last update: September 2016


Articles published on IXD&A:

Empowering Games. Meaning Making by Designing and Playing Location Based Mobile Games, N.28, pp.  12 - 33, abstractdownload