Ivana Randelshofer


is the UX Supervisor for the Ubisoft studios located in Germany. With her main focus on user-centered design and envisioning information, she believes it’s the players’ right to enjoy seamless and memorable gaming experiences without any frustration. Together with her team, she works on studio-level, contributing to multiple games in different development stages and supports producing and development teams by providing UX services and establishing research processes. Apart from that, she is also a lecturer for UX and interaction design at various international universities. Prior to joining Ubisoft, Ivana worked as a research fellow at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction in Salzburg, Austria. She holds a Master in Arts and is currently working on her PhD in HCI.


last update: February 2019



Articles published on IXD&A:


Exploring Intended and Unintended Uses of (e)Books as Design Inspiration for Ambient Displays in the Home, N.37, 2018, pp.  21 - 46   abstractdownload