Laura Papaleo


took her Laurea (cum laude) in Computer Science at the University of Catania in 1998 with a thesis developed @ Stanford University (California, USA). In 2004 she took her Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Genova.
Since 1998, she has been successfully involved in many national and international research projects dealing with multimedia content analysis, structuring, searching and retrieval. In 2005 she started a research in collaboration with Jim Hendler (RPI, USA) on the integration and evolution of Semantic Web and 3D Shape Modeling.
Laura Papaleo is actually a researcher in collaboration with the Group of Geometric Modeling and Computer Graphics @ the Department of Computer Science, University of Genova. She is also a professional engineer and project leader at Provincia di Genova, where she manages different innovation projects and advanced web applications, mainly related to Cultural Heritage and Open Government Data.  Her current interests span from 3D Digital Shape Provenance, Structuring and Reasoning to Semantic Web, Ontology design and evolution, Open Government Data and HCI evolution for the Web x.0.


Articles published on IXD&A:


'Experiencing Personal Learning Environments and Networks using a 3D Space Metaphor', pp. 64-76, abstract, download