Leena Norros


Research professor (emerita) is a psychologist and works on the problems of cognitive ergonomics in complex industrial systems. She worked over 30 years at the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd where she led a human factors research team. She studied at University of Helsinki and prepared her doctoral thesis on decision theory at the Technical University of Dresden. She completed her studies at the Helsinki University where she took her PhD. Currently she acts as docent (adjunct professor) at the University of Helsinki. She has developed an original research approach labelled the Core-Task Analysis that builds a synergy of cultural-historical activity theory, systemic work domain modelling and the pragmatist conceptions of human conduct with the aim of understanding human conduct in complex environments. This approach has been applied in many safety critical work domains, like nuclear power plants, health care, or maritime transportation, and also to other complex work domains, like agriculture. She has about 225 scientific publications in international journals, books and conference proceedings. 


last update: February 2019



Articles published on IXD&A:


The Participatory Design of Tools: Foreseeing the Potential of Future Internet-enabled Farming, N.37, 2018, pp. 175 - 205,  abstractdownload