Luca Morini

is a Research Associate at the Centre for Global Learning, Education and Attainment  (GLEA) at Coventry University. He holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Education and Communication, obtained researching into the social, cultural and pedagogical dynamics which occur in Do-It-Yourself amateur game design communities. His current research focus is on the opportunities and the pitfalls of the globalisation of Higher Education. His main areas of interest are participatory cultures (especially game cultures), critical pedagogy, and systems thinking. He has experience in qualitative research methodologies, particularly in participatory research and ethnography, seamlessly transversing online and offline spaces. Luca has a record of publications, including peer-reviewed journals, conference papers and book chapters, which touch on the diverse themes of digital and critical pedagogy, game design, human ecology, and research methodology.



Last update: September 2019


Articles published on IXD&A:


Game-based learning to teach Higher Order thinking in Rural Schools - Case studies in Sarawak Borneo, N. 41, pp. 78 - 86,  abstractdownload