Malcom Mc Cullogh


is the author of three widely-read books on architecture + interaction design: Ambient Commons—Attention in the Age of Embodied Information (2013); Digital Ground—Architecture Pervasive Computing and Environmental Knowing (2004); and Abstracting Craft (1996). He is Professor of Architecture at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, at the University of Michigan, (USA.) Previously he served on the architecture and design faculty at Carnegie Mellon, and before that for ten years at Harvard. His degrees are M.Arch. from University of California (UCLA) and BA from Yale. Currently he is researching the architectural history of the idea of interface.

last update: july 2013

Articles published on IXD&A:

'Attention in Urban Foraging', N. 16, 2013, pp. 27-36, abstract