Marcello Passarelli


is a PhD in Psychology, Anthropology, and Cognitive Sciences working in ITD-CNR as a research fellow since 2017. His research interests include implicit measures, statistical modeling, and social cognition, with a strong quantitative focus. During his stay in ITD-CNR, he worked on the H2020 Gaming Horizons project, focusing on the social impact of video games and gamification, on the Erasmus+ CODUR project for quality assurance of e-learning institutions, and on the Erasmus+ ENhANCE project, which designed a European curriculum for family and community nurses. 



last update: May 2020


Articles published on IXD&A: 


• 'A comparative study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on three different national university learning ecosystems as bases to derive a Model for the Attitude to get Engaged in Technological Innovation (MAETI)', N. 47, 2020, pp. 167 - 190, abstractdownload


• The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic seen through the lens of the Italian university teachers and the comparison with school teachers’ perspective, N. 46, pp. 120 - 136,  abstractdownload


• The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Italian Learning Ecosystems: the School Teachers’ Perspective at the steady state, N. 45, pp. 226 - 245, abstractdownload


• Co-creation in the Design of Technology Enhanced Learning: Teachers’ Beliefs versus Practices, N. 44, pp. 96 - 108, abstractdownload