Marta Wróblewska


Art historian, philologist, culture manager, curator, art critic. PhD candidate in the Institute of Art History/Faculty of History at the University of Gdansk. Lives and works in Gdansk. She worked for the city administration (Mayor’s Bureau for Culture in Gdansk) in the Department of Cultural Policy. Currently she is the managing curator of Günter Grass Gallery in Gdansk / branch of Gdansk City Gallery, responsible for its yearly programme. As an art critic she published in Polish art magazines like:, Arteon, Artluk, KwartalnikFotografia, KwartalnikRzezby ORONSKO, SZUM. In her curatorial practice she is interested in the processes and motivations behind art creation, as well as the impact of art on cultural identity and memory, both within art institutions and city spaces. 



Articles published on IXD&A:


Move into the open space – the impact of artistic interventions on urban landscapes and public space, N.34, 2017, pp. 118-132, abstractdownload