Martin Tomitsch


is a Professor of Interaction Design in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning, Coordinator of the Urban Interfaces Lab, and Director of Innovation (Education, Enterprise and Engagement) at the University of Sydney. He is a visiting Professor at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts Visual Art Innovation Institute and a founding member of the Media Architecture Institute. His recent books include “Design Think Make Break Repeat – A Handbook of Methods” (BIS) and “Making Cities Smarter – Designing Interactive Urban Applications” (Jovis). 


Last update: March 2022



Articles published on IXD&A:


• Non-human Personas. Including Nature in the Participatory Design of Smart Cities, N.50, pp.  102 - 130, abstractdownload (


• A Media Architecture Approach for Designing the Next Generation of Urban Interfaces, N. 48, 2021, pp. 9 - 32,  abstractdownload