Petra Sundström


is Head of Digital Business Development at Sandvik and has before that upheld a similar position with Husqvarna Group. She is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of IoTSweden, one of 17 government initiatives addressing focus to innovation in the technical sector. Petra holds a PhD in Human Computer Science but left research for a career in industry in 2014. Both in her Research and Industry careers Petra is a strong believer of multidisciplinary design, and puts emphasis to the human, business and technology aspects equally in every new design she puts forward. Going digital this becomes especially important in industry as the tradition of the silo organization is strong.


last update: February 2019



Articles published on IXD&A:


Exploring Intended and Unintended Uses of (e)Books as Design Inspiration for Ambient Displays in the Home, N.37, 2018, pp.  21 - 46   abstractdownload