Renate Motschnig


is head of the research group CSLEARN – Educational Technologies at the University of Vienna, Austria, where she holds a double assignment to the Centre for Teacher Education and the Faculty of Computer Science. She held positions at the University of Technology. Vienna, the RWTH Aachen in Germany, the University of Toronto, Canada, and the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. With a research tradition in software engineering, Renate participated in encounter groups and several events based on the Person-Centered Approach. Together with her team at the University of Vienna, she developed PCeL, Person-Centered technology enhanced Learning and SILCs, Significant Learning Communities. Both are based on an integration of experiential, whole person-learning and modern web-technology, leading to significant learning, a kind of learning that makes a difference to the learners’ lives, their attitudes, values, skills, and knowledge. Renate (co-)authored more than 170 scientific articles and four books, the most recent one on “Transforming Communication in Leadership and Teamwork.” She is deeply interested in the multiple ways in which understanding and whole-person learning happen and is determined to foster a style in higher education that is based on person-centered attitudes, our co-actualizing potential, and thoughtful support by web-based technology. She appreciates synergies between presence and distance, cognition and feeling/meaning, and a multitude of disciplines and cultures.



Articles published on IXD&A:


When Kids are challenged to solve real problems – Case study on transforming learning with interpersonal presence and digital technologies, N.34, 2017, pp. 88-111, abstractdownload