Jessica Schoffelen

holds a master in Criminological sciences and a doctoral degree in Audiovisual Arts. She researches how to enable participatory processes that strive to tackle societal issues, be it sustainable or inclusive cities, mobility, citizenship or (health) care. Jessica was part of the coordinating team of TRADERS (FP7, Marie Curie Multi-ITN project) that focused on developing a methodological framework on which art and design researchers can rely when working on public space projects in participatory ways. She lectured on Art and Design research methods, open design and documentation and was a teacher in the master program Interaction Design at LUCA School of Arts. Here she was also part of the research group Social Spaces that explores the social qualities of design, art, new media and technologies. Currently she is working within the research group Inclusive Society (UCLL) wherein she further explores participatory action research and citizenship. From 2017 she is also connected to the faculty of Social Sciences of KULeuven (BE). She is a supervisor and co-supervisor in several PhD’s in the Arts and Social Sciences.



Last update: October 2019


Articles published on IXD&A:


• Children’s roles in Participatory Design processes: making the role of process designer ‘work’, N. 41, pp. 87 - 108,  abstractdownload


• 'Sharing is caring. Sharing and documenting complex participatory projects to enable generative participation', N.18, 2013, pp. 9 - 22, abstract, download