Sdenka Zobeida Salas-Pilco

holds a PhD in Education from The University of Hong Kong, and a Master’s degree in Educational Informatics (magna cum laude) from Alas Peruanas University, Peru. She received scholarships to undertake specialized professional development in South Korea, India, and Japan. She has also worked in the Ministry of Education in Peru as an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Specialist. Her PhD research was on how ICT can be integrated in the curriculum of indigenous communities to stimulate interest, foster empowerment, and engender respect for local community knowledge. Her research interests include ICT policy, learning designs, creative and informal environments, and sociocultural approaches to learning and development.



Last update: September 2019


Articles published on IXD&A:


Introducing technology into learning designs for indigenous contexts, N.41, pp. 62 - 77,  abstractdownload