Shilpa Sahay


is a doctoral candidate in Educational Technology and an undergraduate instructor at the University of Florida. She is currently researching on teacher attitude and perception towards integrating technology in classrooms in India and other developing nations. She is also developing a collaborative platform for mentor-mentee interaction and teaching and learning outcomes. She did her Masters in International Education at New York University. Prior to that, she did a Masters in Social Work and Bachelors in Political Science at Delhi University, India. She has over 4 years working experience with grass root NGOs, UN bodies, research group at universities, and multinational organizations. She has done a 4 month internship at UN Headquarters and aspires to work on educational projects that can solve real-world problem of illiteracy and lack of education. She wants to explore potentialities of distance digital learning narrowing the traditional North-South global divide.


Last update: September 2016


Articles published on IXD&A:

How mobile app developers conceive of dyslexia and what it means for mobile app users, N.28, pp. 69 - 84, abstractdownload