Sofia Serholt


studies the use of social robots in education with a particular focus on aspects of interaction, ethics and learning. She holds a PhD in Applied IT with specialization in Educational Sciences and a Master of Education in English and ICT and Learning. She currently works as Senior Lecturer at the Division of Learning, Communication and IT, Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg, where she is a member of Applied Robotics in Gothenburg: a research group that focuses on exploring human-centered approaches to robot design and social and ethical implications of robots in society. She has conducted research in projects such as EMOTE (Embodied perceptive tutors for empathy-based learning) and START (Student Tutor and Robot Tutee), and has served on organizing committees and as editor for scientific conferences and journals (e.g., British Journal of Educational Technology and Frontiers in Robotics and AI). She regularly engages in public and academic speaking at conferences and events, and her research on educational robots has received extensive coverage in Swedish and international press.



last update: May 2020


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Demystifying Robots in the Co-Design of a Tutee Robot with Primary School Children, N. 44, pp. 109 - 128, abstractdownload