Stefaan Ternier


is an assistant professor at Welten Institute. He received his degree in Computer Science in 2000 at K.U.Leuven where later in 2008 obtained a PhD. During this period his research topics included metadata, architectures for managing and sharing metadata, learning objects and standards for learning object repositories. Since 2008, he works for the open university of the Netherland where he joined the mobile media group. From this moment onwards his research interests shifted towards mobile learning and augmented reality. As a result of this research, ARLearn a toolkit for mobile serious games was developed. Technologywise, Stefaan has experience with developing web services, cloud computing, database management systems and iOS/android developing.



last update: September 2015


Articles published on IXD&A:

GPIM: Google Glassware for inquiry-based learning, pp. 100 - 110, abstractdownload

'EMuRgency: Addressing cardiac arrest with socio-technical innovation in a smart learning region', N. 17, 2013, pp. 77-91, abstractdownload