Thomas Schlegel


is full professor at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and head of the Institute of Ubiquitous Mobility Systems (IUMS). He holds the INIT endowed chair. His research interests focus on ubiquitous systems with a human (HCI) and technological (models, systems) perspective with applications in mobility and industry. As a professor in the faculty of Information Management and Media (IMM) he is one of the key professors in Transportation Management and responsible for Information Technology. Before, he has been in research positions at different companies, Fraunhofer society, post-doc at University of Stuttgart and a Assistant Professor at Technische Universität Dresden. With more than 100 publications and serving as editor, reviewer and PC member in different fields, he is strongly engaged in research as well as education with interaction, systems and software technology related topics since the start of his academic career.


last update: February 2018

Articles published on IXD&A: 

'Lessons Learned on the Design of Several Tools for Participation on Foot', N. 35, 2017, pp. 205 - 226, abstractdownload