Tiffany Sanchez


is an emerging Texas artist who has dedicated herself to the design and fabrication of immersive sensorial vignettes bridging body, nature, and technology. Her compositions are largely comprised of raw and aged mediums left to decay. They vary from lifesize installations to miniatures that can be easily held in one hand.  Her artwork is much inspired by her childhood, citing her innate playful curiosity while juxtaposing both the innocent and brutal realities of the natural world. Tiffany received an MFA in Visualization Sciences at Texas A&M University. Her passions include digging her hands into the dirt, conducting amateur science experiments, creating compilations of found objects, and fishing. 


Last update: January 2016


Articles published on IXD&A:


Touchology: Peripheral Interactive Plant Design for Well-being, N. 27, 2016, pp 175 - 187, abstractdownload