Valentina Volpi


is Research Fellow at DASIC, the Digital Administration and Social Innovation Center of the Link Campus University (LCU), where she also is teacher at the Master of Digital Innovation and Communication. She holds an Academic Research Diploma in 'Interaction Design', a Master Degree in Publishing, Multimedia Communication and Journalism (Sapienza - University of Rome) with a curriculum oriented on Digital Communication and a Bachelor Degree in Media and Journalism (UniFI - University of Florence). Since 2010 she collaborated on research projects and activities with several research centers: CATTID (Centre for the Applications of Television and Innovation Technologies in the Digital World), CORIS – Department of Communication and Social Research, and SI - Sapienza Innovation at Sapienza - University of Rome. She conducts research on Social Innovation and Human Centered Design in Smart City and Smart Territory. Over the years she has been acquiring expertise in Human Computer Interaction, Usability, User-Centered Design, and design of web and mobile services and applications.



last update: October 2019

Articles published on IXD&A: 


• Co-Designing Game Solutions for Hybrid Urban Spaces. How Game Elements Can Improve People Experience with the Mobility Services, N. 40, pp. 9 - 23,  abstractdownload