Reinhold Behringer

is Professor of Creative Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University. He studied physics at Universität Würzburg (1984-1990), graduating with a Diplom in Pbysics (1990), and at SUNY Buffalo (1987-1988) where he got a MA in Physics (1988). He received a doctorate as Dr.-Ing. from the Universität der Bundeswehr München (1990-1996) for his work on computer-vision-controlled autonomous road vehicles (visual road recognition). He worked at Rockwell Scientific in Thousand Oaks, CA (1996 – 2005) where he developed prototypes for Human-Computer Interaction systems (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, computer vision-based tracking, hybrid tracking with inertial sensors). He led a team in the US DARPA Grand Challenge of Autonomous Ground vehicles (2004) as Team SciAutonics. Since 2005 he works at Leeds Metropolitan University as Professor of Creative Technology, teaching postgraduate courses of Mobile Wireless Comms, Intelligent Systems and Robotics, Software Development and others. He is supervising 13 PhD students. Among his research interests is Human-Computer interaction with mobile devices and the development of eLearning technology. 2011-2013 he was director of the EuroPLOT project (funded by EACEA from the European Commission) which developed persuasive learning objects and technologies (PLOTs).


Last update: February 2014

Articles published on IXD&A:


The Virtual Runner Learning Game, pp. 105 - 114, abstract, download