Salvatore Di Dio


Born in Palermo in 1983, he has a background in engineering, energy and design. During his Ph. D in Energy and Environmental-Technical Physics, run between the University of Palermo and the MIT of Boston, he developed a thesis about the impact of the lean approach in urban policies' design for improving sustainability in deprived contexts. The thesis, 'From Smart to Lean' has been published in 2018. His research is at the fringe of social innovation, technology and design. In his career he has coordinated applied research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research and by the European Commission Horizon2020 program. He is co-founder of design lab PUSH, of the service design firm NEU and the cross-media production company The Piranesi Experience.




last update: October 2019

Articles published on IXD&A: 


• Junkbox, a waste management educational game for preschool kids, N.40, pp. 46 - 56, abstractdownload