Shaimaa Lazem

is an academic researcher at the City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications (SRTA-City), a research institute in Alexandria, Egypt. She earned her PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from Virginia Tech, USA, 2012. At SRTA-City she established a research program in human-computer interaction (HCI). Her research interests include participatory design, cross-cultural collaborations, post-colonial computing, and decolonizing HCI. Her previous projects included designing low-cost education and health technologies and applying learner-centered and flexible learning pedagogies for teaching computer science and HCI. Lazem has experience working with rural communities. She is the Egyptian lead of a UK-Egypt project to engage Egyptian Bedouins in self-documenting their intangible heritage using mobile phones. She was recently awarded the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship with the Royal Academy of Engineering in London to design an archival platform for marginalized communities to self-document their indigenous knowledge. Lazem is the Chair of the Cairo ACM SIGCHI Professional Chapter in Egypt (CairoCHI) and the Co-founder of the ArabHCI community.


last update: October 2019

Articles published on IXD&A: 


A Participatory Approach for Digital Documentation of Egyptian Bedouins' Intangible Cultural Heritage, N. 41, pp. 31 - 49, abstractdownload