Tiziana Catarci

Master degree in Engineering, University of Roma 'La Sapienza', 1987. PhD in Computer Science, University of Roma 'La Sapienza', 1992. Full professor at the University of Roma 'La Sapienza'. Her main research interests are in theoretical and application oriented aspects of visual formalisms for databases, information visualization, database design, cooperative information systems, user interfaces, usability, digital libraries, data quality and Web access. On these topics she has published over 150 papers in leading journals and conferences and 20 books. She has led or participated in various projects on visual query systems, usability studies and developed methodologies for database design. Particularly relevant are some European projects, including KIM, VENUS, FADIVA, LAURIN, SEWASIE,DELOS, Interop, WORKPAD, SM4All, aiming at investigating different aspects of interface design and human-computer interaction. Outside of academia, she has been a consultant to large (private and government) organisations. She is is regularly in the programming committees of the main database and human-computer interaction conferences and is associate editor of ACM SIGMOD Digital Symposium Collection (DiSC), VLDB Journal, World Wide Web Journal, and Journal of data Semantics. She has been the PC Co-chair of WISE 2003 and of ODBASE 2004, the Workshop co-chair of Interact 2005, and the tutorial co-chair of VLDB 2006. In 2008, she has been the Note Co-chair of the 2008 edition of the largest and most important conference on human-computer interaction, ACM CHI. In 2009 she is one of the Track Chairs of ICDE 2009.

last update: june 2009

Articles published on IXD&A:

'The On-TIME User Interface', N. 5-6, 2009, pp. 113-116, abstract

'Brain Computer Interface to operate domotic environment', N. 5-6, 2009, pp. 125-126, abstract