Vincent Koenig


is an experimental psychologist at the University of Luxembourg, specializing in empirical Human-Computer Interaction, including topics such as User Experience, cognitive ergonomics, socio-technical aspects of security, with both applied and fundamental applications in education and workforce environments, security, ethical design and digital cultural heritage. He has also strongly focused on the design of laboratories in support of scientific HCI activities and PPP projects. His vision places UX research at the intersection of academia and non-academic partners (private & public), with equal relevance for both parties. Vincent is currently an assistant professor, head of the HCI research group and director of EPSYLON, a network of eleven experimental psychology labs.


last update: November 2019



Articles published on IXD&A:


Experience matters: Bridging the gap between experience- and functionality-driven design in technology-enhanced learning, N.42, 2019, pp. 11 - 28,  abstractdownload