Wolmet Barendregt



has studied the use and design of (educational) technologies for children. She holds a PhD in Interaction Design and a Master in Computer Science. After working in the Division of Learning, Communication and IT, at the Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg for 12 years, she moved to Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands in 2019 where she focused on ICT for sustainability while still being engaged with research on children’s interactions with technology. She has conducted research in projects such as EMOTE (Embodied perceptive tutors for empathy-based learning), START (Student Tutor and Robot Tutee), and VASE (Teaching Value-Sensitive Design in Higher Education) and has served on organizing committees and as editor for scientific conferences and journals (e.g., Interaction Design and Children, NordiCHI, International Journal of Child Computer Interaction, Sustainability, and Journal of Cleaner Production). As of September 2022, she will start working as a sustainability consultant outside academia.


last update: May 2022



Articles published on IXD&A:


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