N. 37, Summer 2018



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Focus section on:

Future Directions of UX Studies: Learning from Best Practices




by Anna-Katharina Frison, Florian Lachner, Andreas Riener, Ingrid Pettersson

pp. 5 - 11, download



Katalin Osz, Annie Rydström, Vaike Fors, Sarah Pink, Robert Broström

Building Collaborative Test Practices: Design Ethnography and WOz in Autonomous Driving Research, pp. 12 - 20 ,  abstractdownload



Christiane Moser, Ilhan Aslan, Katja Neureiter, Ivana Randelshofer, Petra Sundström, Manfred Tscheligi
Exploring Intended and Unintended Uses of (e)Books as Design Inspiration for Ambient Displays in the Home, pp.  21 - 46   abstractdownload



Karim Touloum, Djilali Idoughi, Ahmed Seffah

Adding UX in the Service Design Loop: The Case of Crisis Management Services, pp. 47 - 77, abstractdownload



Peter Börjesson, Wolmet Barendregt, Eva Eriksson, Olof Torgersson, Liza Arvidsson, Linda Persson
The Merits of Situated Evaluation as an Alternative UX Evaluation Method to Understand Appropriation, pp. 78 - 98,  abstractdownload



Focus section on:

Human-Work Interaction Design Meets International Development




by Pedro Campos, Barbara Rita Barricelli, Jose Abdelnour-Nocera

pp. 99, download


Jeannette Hemmecke, Christian Star
Informing Work Interaction Design by 3rd Generation Activity Theory, pp. 100 - 129,  abstractdownload



Arminda Guerra Lopes
Unexpected Artifact – A Modding Interface Design, pp. 130 - 142,  abstractdownload



Stefano Valtolina, Barbara Rita Barricelli, Alessandro Rizzi, Sabrina Menghini, Ascanio Ciriaci
Emergency Medical IT Services for Migrants Rescue Operations, pp. 143 - 158,  abstractdownload



Regular papers


Maja van der Velden
Digitalisation and the UN Sustainable development Goals: What role for design, pp. 160 - 174,  abstractdownload



Hanna Koskinen, Leena Norros
The Participatory Design of Tools: Foreseeing the Potential of Future Internet-enabled Farming, pp. 175 - 205,  abstractdownload



Betty Tärning, Björn Sjödén, Agneta Gulz, Magnus Haake
Young Children’s Experience and Preference of Feedback – Sense and Sensibility, pp. 206 - 230,  abstractdownload



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