IxD&A (Paper) of the year




• N.28, pp. 145 - 163, Using Player Type Models for Personalized Game Design – An Empirical Investigation

by Marc Busch, Elke Mattheiss, Wolfgang Hochleitner, Christina Hochleitner, Michael Lankes, Peter Fröhlich, Rita Orji and Manfred Tscheligi




• N. 26, pp. 81 - 94, Troubling Futures: Can Participatory Design Research provide a Constitutive Anthropology for the 21st Century?

by Ann Light





• N.20, pp. 33 - 47: Exploring the interplay between urban governance and smart services codesign

by Grazia Concilio, Alessandro Deserti, Francesca Rizzo



Here the list of the other 7 papers that were selected to take part in the second ballot in 2014

• N.20, pp. 61 - 71: The image of the algorithmic city: a research approach

by Kevin Hamilton, Karrie Karahalios, Christian Sandvig, Cedric Langbort


• N.20, pp. 72 - 87: Smart City Analytics: state of the art and future perspectives

by Carlo Giovannella, Mihai Dascalu, Federico Scaccia

• N.21, pp. 25-36 Training designers for vulnerable generations: a quest for a more inclusive design

by Caterina Calefato, Luca Cattani, Judith L. Charlton, Sharon Cook, Eva Eriksson, Chiara Ferrarini, Elaine Gosling, Colette Nicolle, and Olof Torgersson


• N.22, pp. 34 - 47 The Impact of Culture On Smart Community Technology: The Case of 13 Wikipedia Instances

by Zinayida Petrushyna, Ralf Klamma, Matthias Jarke

• N.22, pp. 48 - 59 Smart communities in virtual reality. A comparison of design approaches for academic education

by Thomas Köhler, Sander Münster, Lars Schlenker

• N.22, pp. 60 - 68 Where's the smartness of learning in smart territories?

by Carlo Giovannella

• N.23, pp. 82-97 A Context-Aware Framework to Provide Personalized Mobile Assessment

by Ahlem Harchay, Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi, Rafik Braham