Pervasive participation - New Horizons for Citizen Involvement and User Experience


Guest Editors


Sarah-Kristin Thiel, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology 
Peter Fröhlich, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Glenda Caldwell, Queensland University of Technology
Matthias Baldauf, Vienna University of Technology


Important dates


• Deadline: October 15, 2017 -> October 30, 2017 (extended)

• Notification to the authors: November 15, 2017 -> November 30, 2017 (extended)

• Camera ready paper: November 30, 2017 -> December 15, 2017 (extended)

• Publication of the special issue: mid December, 2017 -> end of December 2017 (extended)




Researchers and practitioners around the world are currently exploring novel participation methods with the objective to better integrate citizens in the public decision making processes. By using contemporary technology, they not only aim to lower traditional participation barriers but also broaden the scope of involved citizens by trying to encourage those previously less eager to participate, such as younger generations. Especially in urban planning, the penetration of mobile and wearable devices with their manifold features to interact with real-world surroundings as well as public screens or technically enriched artifacts embedded in urban surroundings provide new opportunities to collect citizen input directly from on-site and on the go.This focus section features the concept of Pervasive Participation, which use the latest pervasive technologies such as feature-rich smartphones and instrumented urban environments. We invite original contributions that effectively leverage in-situ participation as well as the combination of mobile and stationary forms of participation. The objective of the IXDA focus section is to provide a timely collection of rigorous research on the design and use of pervasive participation technologies.


Topics of Interest


We invite contributions on topics including but not limited to


• Novel pervasive and mobile e-participation concepts and prototypes

• Evaluations of pervasive e-participation prototypes

• User Experience factors of pervasive participation; new methods for assessing UX factors in pervasive participation

• Innovative user interfaces and interaction techniques facilitating Pervasive Participation

• Exploitation of social media platforms on pervasive devices for citizen e-participation

• Approaches to activate and encourage different citizen groups to take part in decision-making processes using pervasive technology

• Novel strategies to entice previously less interested citizens to become engaged (e.g. gamification, persuasive technologies)

• Privacy and security issues in Pervasive Participation and approaches to overcome them

• Integration of Pervasive Participation in traditional decision-making processes

• Methodologies for evaluating novel pervasive forms of citizen e-participation or assessing their impact

• Experiences from planning, conducting, and evaluating field trials and living labs in the fields of mobile and pervasive citizen e-participation


Submission procedure 


All submitted manuscripts must be original and should not be under review by another publication.

The manuscripts should be submitted anonymized either in .doc or in .rtf format. 
All papers will be blindly peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. Perspective participants are invited to submit one file where page one is a cover page (with title, list of authors and contact information) and page two has the title of the paper but no other identifying information. The lenght of the fully anonymized paper should be between 8 and 20 pages paper all included (e.g. title, abstract, all tables, figures, references, etc.). 

The paper should be written according to the IxD&A authors' guidelines .

Submission page -> link
(when submitting the paper please choose Domain Subjects under: 'IxD&A special issue on: Pervasive participation')

For scientific advices and for any query please contact the guest-editors:


• Sarah-kristin [dot] thiel [at] ait [dot] ac [dot] at

• Peter [dot] froehlich [at] ait [dot] ac [dot] at

• g [dot] caldwell [at] qut [dot] edu [dot] au

• matthias [dot] baldauf [at] fhsg [dot] ch


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